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I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse and my mission is to rehabilitate your pet and bring back the quality of life he/she deserves through holistic treatments.

I have lived in the Lower Kaimais on a lifestyle property for the past 13 years surrounding myself with my “fur babies”.

Please call or email me to discuss your beloved pets needs, I look forward to hearing from you.


Hydrotherapy - this has many benefits. It is an excellent treatment for the rehabilitation of dogs following surgery, for weight loss, soft tissue injuries, non-weight bearing for arthritic dogs, and for overall general fitness for your beloved pet.

At healinghandz4pets we use a spa bath for the hydrotherapy session. Your dog is placed in a flotation harness for buoyancy whilst exercising and the water is heated for maximum comfort and is also changed after each individual session which assures hygiene and sanitary conditions are kept to a high standard.

When appropriate, I use homeopathic and Bach flower remedies as well as other products that may help your pet with pain management or emotional support. It is important to remember that holistic therapies are not a replacement for traditional veterinary care – it is an alternative treatment which can compliment overall orthodox veterinary care.

Massage Therapy – Massage therapy is very beneficial for your pet, it improves mobility from releasing muscle tension, knots and toxins which aids to faster recovery and overall wellbeing. I have a full sized massage table that I use when massaging your pet, it is very solid and stable which ensures your pets placement is on a table which has little to no movement when being treated . Complimentary treatments along with general massage is Therapeutic Touch (energy healing) the Bioptron Light Therapy System and the Niagara Therapy Massage Unit.

Therapeutic touch (energy healing) - is a technique to help your pet to relax, relieve their pain, and help them heal faster. It is sometimes called a "laying on of hands" and is based on ancient and modern healing practices.

The Bioptron Light Therapy System uses the healing powers of polarised light to treat injuries in animals or humans. It emits a soft energy light that directly stimulates and influences living cells. The light realigns the electrical poles in the cell membranes that are responsible for exchanging and processing chemicals and nutrients.

The Bioptron light is applied to the area requiring treatment. It stimulates the cells in the skin as well as the muscles, ligaments, nerves, tissues and blood. This therapy is also commonly used in treating a variety of conditions including wound healing and tissue repair, pain relief, injuries, arthritis and skin care.

Niagara Therapy Unit - NHC Cyclo-Therapy operates rather like a gyroscope, creating a subtle, soothing, cycloidal (instead of just jarring) vibration. This is achieved by the fact that the multi-directional energy waves are moving north/south, east/west, while also actually rotating on a constant basis. The result? Deep, gentle, relaxing massage.

This unique therapy is designed to promote the flow of blood around the body, helping the lymphatic system and is used to soothe aching joints and muscles and reduce muscle tension.

Bach Flower Remedies - There are 38 different flowers that can be used to help with a wide range of issues from behavioural issues to boosting confidence, fear or aggression issues, anxiety issues, travel sickness and any other emotional issue that needs addressing. I can assess your pets needs and make the remedy to order. (please note: these can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine).